Act Like A Lady

As little girls we are socialized into manifesting certain graces in our speech, gestures, body language and general deportment; despite the collapse of the archaic finishing school concept. Specific refined behaviours were formerly exclusive to the wheel house of the rich or at least bourgeoisie, yet even the less fortunate would strive to properly groom their children, particularly girls – as some would call it … Continue reading Act Like A Lady

NOT Domestically Inclined Female

My entire life, I’ve been criticized for being what I like to call “not domestically inclined”. The truth is that I absolutely detest household chores – the mere thought of cleaning, doing laundry etc. makes me want to run screaming for the hills. So yes, that makes me a slob. Whatever. It all started with my mother’s archaic gender role beliefs. As a child I … Continue reading NOT Domestically Inclined Female