How To Make Perfectly Crispy Kale Chips

Kale chips are healthy and are a great alternative to thin potato chips. Most importantly, they look so easy to make, until you try to make them that is. Your first few times may have resulted in soggy or burned kale chips. Not to worry here are some handy tips for making perfectly crispy chewy baked kale chips every time, without the use of a … Continue reading How To Make Perfectly Crispy Kale Chips

Ital Food: Jamaican Organic Food

So you have adopted an organic food lifestyle and you are worried about finding it when you travel. Not to worry, if you are in my neck of the woods then you should simply ask for “ital food”.  ‘Ital’ derived from the word vital is a terminology created by the Rastafarian propensity to begin words with the letter ‘I’ to signify their oneness with the … Continue reading Ital Food: Jamaican Organic Food

Callaloo: The Underrated Super Food

Callaloo or aramanth, is recommended for iron deficiency anemia the most common nutritional deficiency in approximately 20% of women of African descent. Of course growing up in the Caribbean we have always known that callaloo is pretty awesome, it’s part of Trinidad and Tobago’s national dish after all, and a constant staple at breakfast in every Jamaican household. Callaloo is a green leafy vegetable nicknamed … Continue reading Callaloo: The Underrated Super Food

Aspirations 2017

That poor word ‘resolutions’, the moment it is paired with ‘New Year’s’ it becomes trite and cliche. Particularly, because those New Year’s Resolutions often don’t last very long – especially that one to go the gym regularly Still, one should make plans and set goals for improving oneself. So here I go making promises to myself and hoping that I can achieve even half of them. … Continue reading Aspirations 2017