Another Feminist Rant

Feminist-CartoonI characterize myself as a feminist and I advocate for women in my own small way on a regular basis. However, if I’m honest, I must say that I don’t like a lot of women and I have discovered that this is not uncommon for a feminist.

I discovered this in high school – a side effect of an all girls school. While I was learning about female empowerment and gaining confidence in my femininity, I was simultaneously becoming disgusted with some of my insipid peers.

They annoyed me and I was embarrassed to count myself among their numbers. The vacuous pursuits and frivolous behaviors were reprehensible to me. It’s not that I’m being judgmental – ok maybe a little – but some women make it hard to argue for gender equality.

Simpering, submissive women physically repulse me. Let me qualify, I’m referring to women in the west, with the same background and access to information that I have been fortunate enough to have and who still acquiesce to some male figure. These women give away their power like children and I cannot understand it. It is a situation that I simply cannot wrap my mind around.

So I have little sympathy for women in abusive relationships; very young women, maybe. When we are young, our sense of self can sometimes be easily eroded by a dominant personality and the tendency to fall into a co-dependent abusive cycle is all too real. Yet, as we grow older, we should be getting wiser – right?

Yet, I still hear women who should know better by now, complaining about men and relating how they are being victimized by said men. What the fuck. That just pisses me off.

As modern women we have so many opportunities and support systems at our disposal, that there is no reason we should subject ourselves to any situation that even smells of abuse.

Straight-up, as brutally honest as I can be, no woman needs a man for anything. Not money, not status, not companionship – nothing, not even sex. There are so many sex toys on the market that it’s ridiculous. I can make myself cum in 3 seconds – no man has ever managed that and I have had boyfriends who would get a gold medal in the sex Olympics.

Now, don’t get me wrong, just because we don’t need men, doesn’t mean we don’t want them. I like to think of men like chocolate cake, while I don’t need cake, I really do love it and try to have it as often as possible. However, not needing something, takes away the power that you give it over you.

So women stop wining about men, stop wining full stop and take your fucking power back. How dare you define yourself in terms of a man, after all the women’s rights movement fought for.

You are better than that, you are stronger and more beautiful than you know. I guess after all that, while I may not like women, it’s simply because I love women so much.


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