I am Awash with the Spirit of Gratitude

The last time I wrote here, I was in a place of determination, of perseverance. I was adamant that the shit that life was throwing at me would not get me down. I am grateful for that fighting spirit.


As the rains lash my windows, I cannot help but reflect on the past few weeks and how very fortunate and grateful I am. It is not easy to remain positive in the face of hardship and goodness knows that I have indulged in the occasional tear filled pity party, yet somehow, for the most part, this time I managed it and ultimately it was my attitude that allowed the opportunity that has removed me from that trying time.

Without going into details, I conditioned my mind to not become overwhelmed by my professional setback and I have been blessed by a wonderful opportunity. Now, it’s taken a while for me to trust it. I keep waiting for it to be taken away, for it to not work out. That old adage “When one door closes another opens” has never worked for me in the past. Yet, here I am with a new shiny progressive door, so quickly after the last one closed.

I invite good things into my life with my positive energy and I am awash with the spirit of gratitude. That is my simple lesson learned. Seasons change, things will come and go but if I can control myself and my attitude, I will persevere and thrive.



3 thoughts on “I am Awash with the Spirit of Gratitude

  1. That is indeed good news.
    I am pleased for you, good to hear that you have
    escaped the shackles that were holding you back.

    Give yourself three stars for your great escape.


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