A Coming-of-age Story: Part 4 – Breast Obsessed

It turned out that my best friend and I were actually getting involved with guys that were very good friends. So it was that we four began to hang out together and by hang out I mean, ditch extra lesson classes each Sunday to go driving all over the island and make out. It was fun. There was James and I, with Kim and David. It … Continue reading A Coming-of-age Story: Part 4 – Breast Obsessed

A Coming-of-age Story: Part 2 – Sex and Religion

My first real arousing kiss happened when I was 18 years old. By this point, I was having discussions with friends about how far they had gone, and most admitted to only light petting and oral sex – of course, most were lying. To understand the dynamics of this, you should note that I attended an all-girls traditional high school, where Christian morals and decency … Continue reading A Coming-of-age Story: Part 2 – Sex and Religion

The Blogger Recognition Award

I was not having a good morning, right up to the point when I saw the comment from Renegade Expressions saying that he had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Being a blogger can be lonely, so every comment is like gold to me. I love the likes but a comment – wow. Subsequently, this nomination is like special gold, covered in frosting. So thank you, … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award

A Coming-of-age Story: Part 1 – Sex Education

Sex was always a fascination for me. I think it began with Mills and Boons and Harlequin romance novels. Until I read my first romance novel at about 14 years old, I had no interest in the concept. I understood the mechanics of the act, but I remained innocent and quite frankly grossed out by the concept. I wish I could remember the first sex … Continue reading A Coming-of-age Story: Part 1 – Sex Education

Valentine’s Day Can Fuck Off

I’ve written about V-Day for the past couple of years and it’s been getting worse, year after year. Yes, you’ve guessed it – I’ve been single for the past few years. Now, I think back to the fun memories of all those years of confidence and joy in my singledom – “Single and Loving It” was my mantra. Well, it’s been nearly 7 years; I’m … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Can Fuck Off

2 Benefits Of Shopping On A Budget

It isn’t easy to be financially unstable, especially in today’s society and living in this part of the world. Unfortunately, we tend to be excessively materialistic and often pride wealth above all else. Well, I’m here to reference a simpler way of doing things. A way to look good without breaking the bank and something that make me happy, outside of abundant possessions. Let’s get started. … Continue reading 2 Benefits Of Shopping On A Budget

Aspirations 2017

That poor word ‘resolutions’, the moment it is paired with ‘New Year’s’ it becomes trite and cliche. Particularly, because those New Year’s Resolutions often don’t last very long – especially that one to go the gym regularly Still, one should make plans and set goals for improving oneself. So here I go making promises to myself and hoping that I can achieve even half of them. … Continue reading Aspirations 2017