A Coming-of-age Story: Part 1 – Sex Education

Sex was always a fascination for me. I think it began with Mills and Boons and Harlequin romance novels. Until I read my first romance novel at about 14 years old, I had no interest in the concept. I understood the mechanics of the act, but I remained innocent and quite frankly grossed out by the concept. I wish I could remember the first sex … Continue reading A Coming-of-age Story: Part 1 – Sex Education

Succulent Jamaican Curry Goat

As many Jamaicans prepare for a special occasion, there is always a lot of contemplation about where to get that special goat meat (that go-to other red meat). No major celebratory event in Jamaica is ever commenced without goat meat; anything from birthdays, to funerals and even weddings – not to mention the big ‘dance’ parties. Now to get the most authentic goat meat means ordering … Continue reading Succulent Jamaican Curry Goat

Jamaican Johnny Cakes

Who doesn’t love Johnny cakes or as more commonly known, good old fried dumplings; served with your chose of savoury meats or steamed vegetables, it is the perfect breakfast accompaniment. It is believed that we inherited the custom of frying dough from the native North American Tribes and this is evident all throughout the Caribbean. Now this seemingly simple breakfast side dish requires a delicate … Continue reading Jamaican Johnny Cakes

Traditional Jamaican Sunday Dinner

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Jamaican Sunday Dinner, that salivatory beacon at the start of each week, that one great making-it-all-worthwhile meal. Especially for the Jamaican man who’s heart, it is said can be reached through his stomach. Let’s just say that many a woman has gotten that all-important ring from a Jamaican man because of their culinary skills preparing Sunday Dinner. Jamaican Sunday Dinner … Continue reading Traditional Jamaican Sunday Dinner

Liebster Award: Thank You For This Nomination

A big thank you to Ambition in the City for nominating me for the Liebster Award – this is totally kool (I am having a Sally Field’s moment) albeit on a much much smaller scale. “My blog is liked – it’s really really liked“. You have made my week. Rules of the Liebster Award: 1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and … Continue reading Liebster Award: Thank You For This Nomination

Words My Love

I love the pencil scrawls and bleeding ink across paper, I love the waiting blinking cursor on a computer screen, I love the enticing fantasies and enduring realities, I love words … The dancing letters of imagination crafted into stories of adventure, suspense, drama and romance. I was the child that had to be banished outside with directives to “play” or “get fresh air”. This … Continue reading Words My Love