Caribbean Meat Cooking Tips For Tastier Meals

So I don’t want to brag – well only a little bragging – but Caribbean food is good, and due to the different cultural influences our meals often delight every single taste bud. Speaking as a Jamaican, there are certain rules that every individual must know in order to call themselves a cook. Wash meats in vinegar or Lime Juice Although the debate rages on about whether … Continue reading Caribbean Meat Cooking Tips For Tastier Meals

The Emotional Exhibition Of Blogging

Then they’re the individuals who will call people like me “emotional exhibitionists”. I heard the term the other day and it confused me a bit because it sounds negative but it is kind of what I do. I think the negative connotation is that I am seeking attention – again I think I’m suppose to feel bad about that. Emotional exhibitionist sounds like such an accusation. Yet I am not bothered – I blog for me and anyone who wants to read it – yes it’s a self-centred indulgence but so what. Continue reading The Emotional Exhibition Of Blogging

The Fault In My Attraction

I’m a lazy dater and I’m kind of waiting for Mr Right For Me to just drop in my lap. Heck – I wouldn’t know how to go looking for Mr Right, even if someone gave me directions. I guess all I can do is try to be my best self and hope that the Right person will find me.

Still it’s beyond frustrating when the guys who like me, I don’t like them. Luckily, the reverse isn’t true, as I never like anyone who doesn’t like me first – self-preservation and the like. Continue reading The Fault In My Attraction

I Use To Be Ashamed Of My Natural Hair

The reality is, many black people don’t think of themselves as beautiful – even I don’t. I have however found other positive physical adjectives for myself like – I’m cute or sexy – particularly when I’m covered in make-up and just had my hair done *sigh – I am not confident in my natural state 😦 I’m working on it.

Now this getting my hair done business always meant getting it relaxed and styled – no kinky hair on display, looking half Indian with perfectly straight tresses.

Well after almost 20 years of relaxing my hair, I’m on a new hair journey – I am going natural. Continue reading I Use To Be Ashamed Of My Natural Hair