Caribbean Meat Cooking Tips For Tastier Meals

So I don’t want to brag – well only a little bragging – but Caribbean food is good, and due to the different cultural influences our meals often delight every single taste bud. Speaking as a Jamaican, there are certain rules that every individual must know in order to call themselves a cook. Wash meats in vinegar or Lime Juice Although the debate rages on about whether … Continue reading Caribbean Meat Cooking Tips For Tastier Meals

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To The New People In My Life

Sharing this blog with new people is like giving them an all-access peek into my cranium and man is it not pretty in here. I like things to happen naturally, organically so the overwhelming flood of information from my blog may be too much to handle. It’s like throwing people into the mayhem of my life without them even knowing if I’m worth it. Continue reading To The New People In My Life

The Emotional Exhibition Of Blogging

Then they’re the individuals who will call people like me “emotional exhibitionists”. I heard the term the other day and it confused me a bit because it sounds negative but it is kind of what I do. I think the negative connotation is that I am seeking attention – again I think I’m suppose to feel bad about that. Emotional exhibitionist sounds like such an accusation. Yet I am not bothered – I blog for me and anyone who wants to read it – yes it’s a self-centred indulgence but so what. Continue reading The Emotional Exhibition Of Blogging

The Fault In My Attraction

I’m a lazy dater and I’m kind of waiting for Mr Right For Me to just drop in my lap. Heck – I wouldn’t know how to go looking for Mr Right, even if someone gave me directions. I guess all I can do is try to be my best self and hope that the Right person will find me.

Still it’s beyond frustrating when the guys who like me, I don’t like them. Luckily, the reverse isn’t true, as I never like anyone who doesn’t like me first – self-preservation and the like. Continue reading The Fault In My Attraction

I Use To Be Ashamed Of My Natural Hair

The reality is, many black people don’t think of themselves as beautiful – even I don’t. I have however found other positive physical adjectives for myself like – I’m cute or sexy – particularly when I’m covered in make-up and just had my hair done *sigh – I am not confident in my natural state 😦 I’m working on it.

Now this getting my hair done business always meant getting it relaxed and styled – no kinky hair on display, looking half Indian with perfectly straight tresses.

Well after almost 20 years of relaxing my hair, I’m on a new hair journey – I am going natural. Continue reading I Use To Be Ashamed Of My Natural Hair