Accused Of Being A Feminist

That’s right – I was accused of being a feminist. When and why did this happen?

I was defending the rights of women to choose not to be married or have children and if they do get marriage to not be subservient to their husbands. I also admitted the fact that marriage scares the crap out me and I have issues with giving up control. I wasn’t being radical (at least I didn’t think I was being radical).

However in the middle of my arguments, I was asked – “You are a feminist, aren’t you?” No, not asked – accused – in a tone of voice that inferred that being a feminist places me in a group of rabid men-hating-women.

When did radical feminism become feminism? When did all women who talk about and believe in the empowerment of women become a bra-burning lesbian? (those words weren’t used but I know the connotations of radical feminism – nor is there anything wrong with being a lesbian). Fortunately, my fore-mothers did the “bra-burning”. So, I will not apologize and I certainly will not let ignorant men make me feel ashamed of being associated with such a pivotal movement.

I went to an all girls high school and practically grew up with the dictates of empowered womanhood; so I am completely shocked when something as powerful as feminism is viewed in a negative light. After-all, who is a feminist  but “an advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women”.

So, in answer to the accusation – my answer is YES – Unequivocally, without apology; YES, I am a Feminist.

I recently came across the following article about other women being accused of radical feminism – see excerpt and link below.

Change has come to the Catholic Church. After centuries of accusing women who disagree with them of witchcraft, they’ve abandoned their antiquated ways and embraced a more modern way of thinking — accusing women who disagree with them of “radical feminism.” And you say the Church isn’t progressive!

Article from

Have you ever been accused of being a feminist? Please share, I would love to hear your stories.


8 thoughts on “Accused Of Being A Feminist

  1. The word feminism has been stolen by men a little bit. You have 2 choices. Agree whole-heartedly that you could never, ever, ever be truly satisfied without a man in your life – and aw, shucks, can’t wait to have his dinner waiing for him when he gets home! – Or, you are a man-hater.

    You either praise us or you hate us. Those are the options.

    I like a phrase I came across recently. Instead of saying I’m a Feminist, I’ve started saying I’m an Equalist. It doesn’t have the baggage that the F word has sadly attained.

    Anyway, thanks for the read 🙂


    1. haa – I’m an equalist – I like that 🙂 and I will certainly be using it as a point of comparison.

      I’ll also admit that there’s a part of me that wants to ram the word feminist down the throats of people who accuse me of it. It’s very frustrating to hear narrow-minded people go-on about a term that they are really uniformed about.

      Not to worry – I will resist the urge – lol.


  2. I thought that feminism was respecting choices, so you could choose to be a stay at home mother or a CEO. Your partner could choose to stay at home or to work as a CEO. Feminism isn’t about bra-burning (actually that didn’t happen) it’s about socioeconomic equality, bringing women’s rights equal to that of men’s. Hence the term feminism.


    1. I completely agree with you. Feminism is a belief in equality – full stop. At least that’s what I believe. I also believe that others take it too far – a woman should have the right to make the choices that she wants, isn’t that what the fight was originally about?

      Despite my protests – I’m beginning to wonder if others don’t have a point – perhaps, I should start calling myself an equalist. The word feminist is maybe muddled beyond redemption by radical ideas.


      1. I agree with you in theory, but equalist doesn’t have the same punch, and the same focus on women as feminism does. Equalist sounds wishy-washy. Aren’t we already equal? people ask. Feminism allows for pushing for more for women, when the law says that we are equal but reality doesn’t.


  3. I know believe me. Yet, every time the term comes up, I have to be defending my stance. It’s one thing for men to not understand feminism but it’s another thing entirely when even women are afraid of embracing the term.

    If we want the focus to be on fighting to make equality for women a true reality in every society; instead of existing purely on paper – what do we do? Too much energy is being wasted on a word and not the meaning behind the word. Not to mention that feminism is synonymous with radical feminism in the minds of many.

    I think I have the title of my next post – Can we reclaim feminism or is it gone forever?


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