Succulent Jamaican Curry Goat

As many Jamaicans prepare for a special occasion, there is always a lot of contemplation about where to get that special goat meat (that go-to other red meat). No major celebratory event in Jamaica is ever commenced without goat meat; anything from birthdays, to funerals and even weddings – not to mention the big ‘dance’ parties. Now to get the most authentic goat meat means ordering … Continue reading Succulent Jamaican Curry Goat

Tonight’s Dinner: Curry Chicken Stew

“Tonight’s Dinner” – saying that makes me smile, as I pretend to be my own haughty waiter, about to read me the special at a fancy restaurant. But I digress, Tonight’s Dinner is my take, on a classic curry chicken stew. I no longer buy curry chicken at take-out places because this is my all-time favourite way to have it. The way I make it: … Continue reading Tonight’s Dinner: Curry Chicken Stew