Find Peace

World peace
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World Peace

Heavy rain clouds looming Over the horizon Coming ever closer Thick gray fog Forms an impenetrable blanket Silent rivers Cascade over uncharted terrain A solitary figure Stands bent Labouring under innumerable burdens Gasping at straws Wallowing in mud In filth and degradation In desolation The labour pains from The birth of corruption and hate Goes unnoticed by those who Embrace its philosophy The stench of … Continue reading World Peace

Lemon Pie

More than palatable More than divine So much sweeter Than grapes of wine Embellishments Arranged to garnish A fool’s pie Step into my parlour Said the spider to the fly Teasing wink Flirtatious smile Delicate lace To cover thine eyes What’s sour without sweet? What’s the truth without a lie? Lemon pie More than palatable Much more Divine. Continue reading Lemon Pie


Rain echoes the pitter-patter of pain A flood of tears A monsoon of hurts Tossing away chances and cares Heat sustains a thirsty dust bowl Shallow groves and canyons The deep blue sky Withered leaves swirling in the breeze Dry brown bark Flaking from tired old trees Stinking mongoose corpses Line the streets Forgotten hopes Forgotten dreams Yellow running puss Erupts from aching boils Dripping … Continue reading Abuse

How I Nearly Lost My Love Of Writing Poetry

I love reading and writing just seemed to be a natural extension of that. As a student of literature I’ve had numerous experiences with great writings, brilliant professors and excellent English Literature courses. Unfortunately, by the time I completed my bachelor’s degree in Literatures in English I could no longer write – anything. All that was left to me was writing in my diary. The main … Continue reading How I Nearly Lost My Love Of Writing Poetry