My yoga challenge

So some of the perfectly rational people that I know swear by yoga. “Its life changing”, they claim – alright already (people who keep trying to get me to try it) fine fine, I will try it. I actually have been meaning to try it for years now but just haven’t gotten the chance (translated had the time). I’m also not healthy enough for rigorous … Continue reading My yoga challenge

Awesome rated – Jack White’s Love Interruption

I know I’m late and this song was actually released back in February 2012 but I only recently discovered it. It’s the first single from Jack White‘s debut album – Blunderbuss and I’m currently obsessed with it. It’s beyond awesome and it’s haunting my dreams – literally. I won’t go on about how this song makes me feel – I’ll just share it so you can all judge … Continue reading Awesome rated – Jack White’s Love Interruption

The awesome lessons of Kick Buttowski

Kick Buttowski is a 13 year old aspiring suburban daredevil, who is cute as a button and fearless as a lion. With his gravely voice and supreme confidence, Kick is the very definition of awesome. Along for all of Kick’s adventures is his best friend/stunt coordinator/sidekick Gunther. 1. Pursue your dreams with single minded purpose 2. Be a loyal and good friend 3. Be Confident … Continue reading The awesome lessons of Kick Buttowski