A Coming-of-age Story: Part 4 – Breast Obsessed

It turned out that my best friend and I were actually getting involved with guys that were very good friends.

So it was that we four began to hang out together and by hang out I mean, ditch extra lesson classes each Sunday to go driving all over the island and make out. It was fun. There was James and I, with Kim and David.

It was on one of those excursions that I had another first with James.

maxresdefaultWhile making out, James made it to second base; another shock to my system. After being a late bloomer, by 17 years old I was already well endowed with a full E cup on my 5’5, 105lb frame and suffice it to say, I had not yet begun to comprehend the power of my breast.

There we were two horny teenagers in the back of a car, slobbering all over each other.

Until James started to slobber over my ears, my chin, my neck, my collarbone, my chest; then he found his way to his intended destination – my breast. The kneading of my breasts wasn’t very alarming, what startled me was when my breasts were dexterously freed from my bra and suddenly suckled by eager lips.

It wasn’t a jump up and flee kind of shock, but more of a stunned silence as my brain tried to process this brand new sensation. It was wet, yet warm and seemed to be spreading warmth throughout my entire body.

Still, I firmly grabbed James’s hands, whenever he tried to lower them past my waist; and after two attempts he contented to alternate between my breasts and my lips for the remainder of the evening.

Next up – “A Coming-of-age Story: Part 5 – Sex Object? “


4 thoughts on “A Coming-of-age Story: Part 4 – Breast Obsessed

  1. You could have made this piece longer.
    Taken us around the block for a few more minutes;
    lead us by the hand, to delay the ‘pay off.’

    A delayed reveal is all; in life and prose.


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