2 Benefits Of Shopping On A Budget

It isn’t easy to be financially unstable, especially in today’s society and living in this part of the world. Unfortunately, we tend to be excessively materialistic and often pride wealth above all else.

Well, I’m here to reference a simpler way of doing things. A way to look good without breaking the bank and something that make me happy, outside of abundant possessions.

Let’s get started.

Number 1 – You will learn to creatively groom yourself

pencilskirtoutfitMaybe, it’s just me but so many persons seem to generally be buying the same kind of attire – the same name branded clothes dictated by popular trends; but what happens when you don’t have the money to splurge. I decide what’s important to me, in terms of what image I want to project. I do my research and find out what is suppose to suit my body type – go to a few affordable shops – try on a few pieces and then get varying options of the same kind of things. The key here is to make sure that everything fits well – find a tailor/dressmaker if you have to.

For example, my go-to outfits for the office are pencil skirts, camisoles, and cardigans. I can dress them up or down using – stockings, flats, heels, a fancier inside blouse, a jacket, etc. Now, when I want to be a little more creative, I’ll wear the occasional dress or slacks. Done with all affordable basic articles of clothing.

Number 2 – You gain a signature look

Sure, you can go the route of a Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, but as a woman, it tends to be a little harder for us. I certainly admire someone who can wear the same thing every day and I envy the creative space that would be freed up if I don’t spend time thinking about coordinating outfits. My work-around is, I limit myself to only the colours I really like. Those are Black, White, Red – with the occasional Blue, Grey and Brown. That’s it.

Shopping has become so much easier since making the decision to only buy what I know I like and getting dressed in the mornings means a lot less decision making. With only 6 colour options for work – it’s a breeze to coordinate.

When I feel for a change, I throw in a coloured shoe. I’ve been known to rock a purple shoe and various coloured boots from time to time.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of compliments I get about always looking put together. Not to mention that when you buy only a few colours, you will overall, buy fewer pieces of clothing. Maybe it’s just me but there are only so many black or white camisoles or cardigans that I will need.


I have also long since given up on multiple accessories and handbags. I actually have several earrings that are languishing in my jewelry box. I instead wear 2 pairs of earrings almost everywhere. They work with my haircut and everything I wear so why change. I also almost never change my handbag – I get one big enough to carry my laptop if I need it and cart that around. I still leave myself some

I also almost never change my handbag – I get one big enough (in black) to carry my laptop if I need it, and cart that around. I still leave myself some splurge outlet for those rare occasions and that’s shoes – as mentioned above, shoes in various colours can really make an outfit pop.

Here’s to a simpler life and a cleaner closet.


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