To The New People In My Life

i-tried-to-be-normal-once-worst-two-minutes-of-my-life-quote-1I seemed to have developed a peculiar habit. My inclination to refrain from talking about myself to new people has manifested in the sharing of this blog. Of course, this is decidedly uncomfortable for me.

Sharing this blog with new people is like giving them an all-access peek into my cranium and man is it not pretty in here. I like things to happen naturally, organically so the overwhelming flood of information from my blog may be too much to handle. It’s like throwing people into the mayhem of my life without them even knowing if I’m worth it.

Yet, it might be the socially responsible thing to do. While I may seem like your regular well-adjusted normal human being – my complexity levels are off the charts and I’m a baffling conundrum even to the people closest to me. So maybe I’m not worth it – whatever ‘it’ is.

Even if I’m not all that I could be – I’m just little old me and I am content with that – the good, bad and all the areas of grey.

I guess in the end while I can’t promise perfection or normalcy, I can promise one hell of a ride 😉

Join me – I dare you 😀


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