World Peace

Heavy rain clouds looming
Over the horizon
Coming ever closer

Thick gray fog
Forms an impenetrable blanket

Silent rivers
Cascade over uncharted terrain

A solitary figure
Stands bent
Labouring under innumerable burdens

Gasping at straws
Wallowing in mud
In filth and degradation
In desolation

The labour pains from
The birth of corruption and hate
Goes unnoticed by those who
Embrace its philosophy

The stench of greed
The disease of poverty

There is no escaping
The human condition
There is no denying the past

More staving children
Many more deaths

War and confusion
Will never die
Only continue until
We fulfil the human predisposition
For self-destruction

We will never achieve
World peace

The improbability of it
Lies within our very nature
There is no pacifying the
Savage beast.


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