Women Really Like Sex Too

I-want-you-inside-meA woman’s sexuality can sometimes be a funny thing. We have the capacity to go very long periods without sex when it seems as if men will die if they don’t have it – “seems” being the operative word here as I’m convinced it can’t be that bad – insert rolling eyes – lol.

What’s even worse are the women who never initiate sex, sex is a two-way street yet the inherent shyness that is socialized into us, effectively shuts us up. That’s right good old traditional slut-shaming. It is often still considered unladylike to admit how much we like sex.

I have actually endured very long bouts of celibacy but I must say it has never been because of a lack of libido but more likely a lack of stimulating partners.

The truth is, there is a special time of the month (it varies)  but at a certain time a lot of women are particularly amorous. Unfortunately, we are a little too good at denying ourselves.

I say no more – if you want it, go get it. A woman’s sexuality should never be something to be ashamed of but something to revel in.


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