I’m Just Me

It’s my 100th post – yay 🙂

I was hoping to write something really uplifting, inspiring or just overall poignant. Now I’m just really conflicted. I’m 32 years old and I know who I am – well I know who I am when I am by myself but sometimes throwing someone new into the mix can confuse the issue. Especially if that new someone isn’t as enamoured with my personality as I’m accustomed to.

remindyourselfIs it narcissistic if I’m surprised when people just aren’t that into me?

I mean I’m fun and pretty much one of the coolest persons I know and I think that has to do with keeping an open mind to new experiences.

Yet there is a part of me that wants to mould myself into someone who this person will like, I guess being a little less like myself – Elo-lite maybe, as Elo-100% can be a bit much (I’ve been told).

But Elo-lite sucks – she isn’t me. So fuck it if they don’t like me – I’m Elo-100% – I’m just me.



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