Write More


A reader complimented my writing and urged me to write more in a comment last week . The big problem of any aspiring writer is not the desire to write but finding inspiration – write more, sure, but write what?

I don’t want to just vomit my thoughts in some nonsensical pseudo-stream of consciousness narrative. I would like to say something that means something, if only to me – and not write to meet some criteria or deadline.

Therein lies the essence of my struggle – trying to find a happy balance between passion and work. For most of us, the moment we begin to exert real effort to undertake any task, it becomes work; while passion is wild and unpredictable – definitely more fun.

The requirements of the writing I do for work is often paltry and lacking in real creativity, as I condense myself to fit the commercial mould.

My freedom is here.

Here I am unrestricted by censorship and can let my hair down. 100% unadulterated Me. So the thought of placing any restrictions or conditions on that freedom is absolutely horrible.


When you enjoy doing something you won’t stay away from it for long – even when the dictates of clients begin to pile up, I try to make time when I have something to say.

I envy people who have a ritual for writing, I use to – mainly the old Dear Diary entries right before bed.

I get satisfaction from the fact that, whether 100 or 1 person reads the words I write, I have still achieved my goal and placed a little piece of myself inside these words.

Still, it would be great if I could cultivate a ritualistic writing practice that produced the all-important result of writing more.

New behaviours are hard to learn as we know – so how do I start? 😦 Suggestions welcomed.


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