I’m Not A Hipster

hipsterglassesWe all want to think we are special; not a part of the general group and in possession of unique attributes. Yet we gravitate to trends in our fashion, our music, books, media etc. So much so, that we develop labels for certain types of people – jock, nerd, fashionista, even the basic bitch.

Now some labels are subjectively more positive than others and some persons don’t mind being grouped accordingly. The problem is when you aren’t trying to fit in or belong to any group, yet end up being labelled; apparently that’s called: hipster.

Yes, I am educated, love to argue (hopefully intelligently), dress and accessorize a little differently and like some pretty obscure shit too; still, no, I’m not a hipster. Before writing this I actually had to Google what hipster was to make sure that I am not in truth a member of their tribe.

I actually accused someone of being hipster this past week but in my defense, the person in question totally is – just by virtue of a pair of inanely oversized glasses.

Alas, I know what you are thinking – a hipster won’t call him or herself hipster. In fact, the hipster lifestyle is supposedly an evolution of nonconformist, non-commercialized free thinkers and I have a lot in common with people like that I guess. I won’t lie – I am attracted to a lot of elements in that culture – I even date quite a few hipsters.

hipsterdinoHere’s the problem, anyone who is stereotypically hipster, obviously tries hard to be that way – it’s not authentic. Do you really think that those ugly shoes are cute? or are you saying that just because they are vintage? In other words, that hat doesn’t work for you please take it off.

Why would you wear something just because you think it’s cool especially if it doesn’t look good on you and is impractical?

The real crime here is trying so hard to appear free-thinking and authentic that you actively mould yourself into a glamorized sub-culture – which in my opinion is just an alternative status quo.

Anyway, as always, I do and wear things I like with little or no regard to trends – my goal is to be comfortable, practical and feel good – so please don’t call me hipster even if I look like one that day.



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