Butt Stuff

There are many who believe that butt stuff is automatically on the menu, like oral sex. I’m here to say – “wait a minute

Sure, there is the beginner’s course of butt licking. Not so bad. I heard Eddie Murphy declare in one of his stand-up shows that – if you lick pussy, you lick ass. This referring to what he called ‘tongue slipping’ – you know if you are doing a thorough job down there, your tongue might accidentally go a little lower than normal. I guess some women might like that – it just feels weird to me – kind of like tickling and I don’t care for being tickled.

young blondeThen there is “The Prober” – you know those who will from time to time insert a finger into the anus. My first thoughts. How is this a thing for men to do to women. I can understand the appeal for men to receive a prostate gland massage by being gently penetrated in slow circular motions – I will confess to blushing a little as I write this. My religious upbringing can sometimes rear its embarrassed face – I digress.

Still, not a lot of men will ask for or accept any kind of pleasure from their anus even when it’s just a finger up there.

Now, I have heard many women say that they like a finger in their butt – but – no pun intended – you could have knocked me over the first time someone tried it with me. Talk about weird, no warning just suddenly – probed. I quickly got it out of there, continued with the sex as usual then voiced my displeasure right after. Nope – didn’t like it, it just felt odd.

Now I reflect that years later, I had another such experience but *snicker 😀 – this time I let it go on for a bit. It still felt weird but not bad. It wasn’t adding anything to the proceedings I surmised, still I didn’t bring it up after. Then it happened again – I’m thinking I should mention it to my partner that I don’t really care for it, yet it must have been my post-orgasmic brain that let me down – I kept forgetting to bring it up.

Then one day it happened – maybe it was the sexual position – ‘girl on top’ but suddenly that finger was no longer a minor nuisance but actually playing a role. It felt good – bloody hell, who knew. I’m not going into the science of it, except to say, nerve endings and g-spot stimulation based on how pressure is applied with that finger.

So that’s my experience. It wasn’t as weird and unnecessary as I previously thought, still I’m not that into it – I’ll take it or leave it – based on how well it’s done – just like regular fingering, some guys have no idea what they are supposed to be doing.

Like with anything slightly kinky, the usual advice is to ask first but if I had been asked I would have said no. So I would suggest trying it for a bit right before or during orgasm. An orgasm will make a lot of slightly strange things tolerable and even enjoyable.

Finally note, germs – be careful where you put that finger after it has been where it was.



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