2014 review

I haven’t written for a while – no reason really just living the same old, same old. The daily duggery – the dull suffocating days of life. Fine, so it hasn’t been that bad just nothing special to write about. I hate the end of year holiday season – the pressure and forced merriment. This year I spent it with my bestfriend at his family’s home in the country. It was pretty cool, nothing to do for a while and lots of food. Even though It felt weird at times since I don’t usually even acknowledge the holidays.

Today I’m typing because I’m trying to sort out a fucking direction for my life. I had a conversation the other day that reminded me that I don’t have a plan that I’m following for the moment. Fuck, it seems that that is something I should have apparently.

Carpe diem is not a plan they tell me – lol. Hell and rass, sounds like fucking resolution time. *hisst teet

Anyway, 2014 wasn’t a bad year overall. It allowed me to indulge a few very selfish desires – all by myself. I worked for myself – set my own schedule – had lots of down time and all in all got to know myself a little better. No big regrets so what more can I ask for – more money perhaps. Guess that’s gonna be one of the resolutions 🙂


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