Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

Yoda-Star-Wars-Quote-There-is-No-TryEasy for Master Yoda to say, he had the force.

Yet there is intrinsic meaning in that statement, especially for me, as I TRY TO WRITE MY BOOK.

I try or I’m trying is something I say a lot and the problem with a statement like that is that I’m making allowances for the possibility of my failure.

I’ve made it ok to fail so when I find it difficult to accomplish my goals, I can say, at least I tried.

Now, this attitude has to change especially as I ‘try’ – no, as I write my manuscript. I have all the pieces, plot line, etc. I have even begun and written quite a few pages. Despite this, I continue to gainsay at every turn and corner.

Procrastination is only part of the problem. I have also become the most demanding of divas in my head and things have to be just so for me to start tapping away on the computer.

Even worse I find myself making excuses for my behaviour. It’s too hot to write, or too cold. I should eat first – great now I’m fatigued from being too full. It really should be possible to kick ones own ass *sigh.

How do I manage to talk myself out of things that I actually enjoy doing?

Writing is such an emotive inspired endeavour for me that I’m struggling to find a routine way to do it.

My best excuse has to be – I’ll wait until I’m in the mood to write because I write better then – true at those moments the words are a torrential flood pouring out of me, but there just has to be a way to trigger that flood daily.

I’ve done a bit of research but everything I’ve tried has not stuck. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions at this point.

What do you say my readers?


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