2 Practical Tips To Having Better Sex For Men And Women

better sexWhat I really wanted to call this post was “2 ways you are fucking up when fucking” but alas I chose the positive route instead. A few years ago, I use to talk about sex a lot, primarily in my favourite community chat room and wouldn’t you know it, me and my big mouth had people coming to me for sex advice.

I’ve never been one to mislead people so I did extensive research – both practical and theory 😉 and I thought I should really continue sharing the very valuable information that I gained. I also like to include practical tips in my advice so here goes.

1. Listen to your partner’s body

Some people have a special thing that they do. Whether it’s a way to work their tongue or their hips but I’m to here to say enough with the one trick pony business. The key to good sex lies in the mind and not just a connection of minds but actually using your head in sex. No pun intended 🙂

You want to take note of reactions in your partner’s body when you touch him or her. Do they quiver, twitch, inhale sharply, make a tiny noise, etcetera, etcetera. All these things are your signal to continue doing something or to try something new. It’s amazing and you would think that this information is obvious but you couldn’t be more wrong. Sad but true, I’ve experienced men so caught up in their own pleasure that they forget to pay even the smallest amount of attention to their partner.

Young couple embracing, rear view, close-upWomen are guilty of this too. Sure every man loves a blow job but some techniques work better for some guys over others. For example, some like a little teeth, some none at all. Furthermore, when it’s your turn to be on top, try to listen to what riding styles really work and switch it up a bit, even if you lucked out and the first one drove him wild, still try another style for creativity and flare.

2. Pace yourself

You know what I’m about to say but for fuck’s sake, it’s not a sprint. Only Usain Bolt is allowed to finish under 10 seconds and only on the track. Take your time, masturbate before if you have to and take the scenic route to the destination. If all else fails, pull out and use your tongue for a bit then start again. Simple right.

Now women, you should pace yourself too. True we are often blessed with multiple orgasms but do you know that delayed gratification can really intensify the feeling. It’s like when you really have to pee, it doesn’t feel good but then when you finally go, the relief is almost orgasmic. It’s the same with delaying your orgasm. Sometimes when you feel an orgasm building just before arrival, stop, then start again – if you can manage it repeat the process. When you finally allow yourself to achieve an orgasm, it’s bigger and more all around blow the top of your head off stuff. This is a trick I learned from my last boyfriend who would deny me orgasms over and over during oral sex – pretty much until I begged and then – wow. Yea, take my word for it.

There you have it, 2 practical ways to improve your sex life – happy humping people 😉


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