How To Get A Man? Returns

waiting for the perfect manI started this question and answer series about getting a man last year. I have asked two questions so far –  Question 1: To reveal or not to reveal, mainly about how to dress to attract a mate and Question 2: Should I have sex?, pretty self-explanatory about when to start having sex with a potential partner.

Well since then I had pretty much, lost interest in exploring the topic any longer. It sounded too gimmicky and worst of all too desperate. I don’t want to seem like that girl who is pining for a man. Blame it on the feminist in me but I find the whole yearning for coupling, more than a little stomach churning.

During the most anti-social periods of my teenage years I was often told that “No man is an island, no man stands alone” – my response was always a heartfelt wish to be just that; an island. Then I would lock myself in some corner and turn my headphones on high – shutting out the world. Alas, I haven’t changed much from that girl. The world has not been kind and my relationships have left me pretty bruised. The thought of really liking someone quite frankly scares me shitless.

Yet I’m determined to conquer this fear because I have acknowledged that I’m lonely. Sounds simple enough but for me, it’s a very big deal due to the reasons mentioned before. I don’t like looking outside of myself for anything – I don’t like being dependent on anyone. It makes me feel ashamed and vulnerable – stupid pride – I know.

Anyway, here we go again. It’s time to put myself back out there. I know I have tried and bailed on this plan before but this time I’m serious. *deep breath in – It’s man catching time and that means my series on how to get a man is back on.

Like anything worth having, finding a potential mate often doesn’t happen by chance except for a lucky few. Sadly, most of us are not properly equipped with enough information to effectively evaluate candidates for this very important function or even how to present ourselves.

Now let’s be clear this isn’t some step by step how-to, this is me examining issues on trying to find a companion for the right reasons and in the most effective way. I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect and neither should you. Just a decent man to have a decent healthy relationship with and of course for sex, lots and lots of sex 🙂

Next question: Do opposites attract or should compatibility matter? Coming soon.


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