Alone On Vacation – August 2014

I took a little mini-vacation last month, wrote the following and forgot to post it.

vacationSitting at this table in the restaurant of this hotel, in the resort town of Negril Jamaica, all by myself, I can’t help but think that I should write about this experience.

So I do.

I have just finished my dinner, now I’m nursing a drink and typing away on my blackberry. I’m at a table with only 1 chair and that 1 chair feels like it should mean something but if so what? I’ve never taken a mini vacation by myself before, yet here I am enjoying the music, even singing – enjoying myself.

Yet the thought intrudes – what must others think of me? I have no idea – they probably think I’m texting – lol.

Genuinely, I’m enjoying this and maybe I should be a little afraid of how much being by myself is so normal to me. It’s a little crazy. All this relaxing on a beach and sipping cocktails is most people’s’ dream – so I’m doing it alone – that doesn’t bother me – I think.

Honestly, I’m not really sure – maybe I’ll be bothered by the time I finish writing this. Maybe I’m too self-reliant, too much in my little world that I don’t let others in and so I have very few friends.

I know that that’s a problem, but a problem for me – not really. I’m happy in this moment, so I’m gonna stop analyzing.

I like being by myself, even in a crowd, it is what it. Many people would be bemoaning this but while this was not my original plan, I won’t complain. End of writing, back to this tasty drink.


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