Tips On Complimenting Women

man-kissing-womans-handThe art of giving a compliment is not rocket science and can be done for no other reason than to make the receiver and the giver feel good. The simple words uttered by the giver is frequently met by a smile and a thank you, creating a little magic in our daily lives.

Now when a man fancies a woman sometimes the best way to gain her attention is to pay her a compliment. Yet, it’s painful how often men mess it up and instead of creating magic, a compliment is met with repugnance and dismay.

O.K. guys, say you see a woman across the way, whether it’s the first time or you have been noticing her – or stalking her, in a non-aggressive way mind you – for a while and she seems so awesome; finally, you buck up the nerve to go over and talk to her.

Man: Hi

Woman: Hello

Man: I like your (insert any body part – breast, legs, butt, even lips)

*record scratch – you have lost your chance and she thinks you are a pervert.

The only body part compliment you might get away with is eyes, if you are looking directly into them that is.

The thing about compliments is that you want to be three things, sincere, unusual and not boring. Seriously, under no circumstance should you compliment a woman on her tits or ass. It’s disrespectful and rude. No proper woman will give you a good response to such a compliment. Also be sincere, don’t compliment her eyes and be staring at her breasts.

You may not be a words-worth but please try not be boring. Examples of boring: I like your dress, shoes or some other article of female clothing or accessory. Unless of course the item you are complimenting truly is spectacular.

For the more intent admirer, a little poetry goes a long way. Now I’m not advocating memorizing volumes of classic literary authors or suggesting that everyone will have the ability to craft poetic discourse. However, a simple clever turn of phrase will do wonders to win you the heart of your desired. Caution, try not to be cheesy, again be unusual, speak from the heart and don’t hit her with the poetry right away, wait until you have managed a rapport or in deep conversation.

Try comparing that thing you like about her to something else you really like or use similes and metaphors.

When you smile, your eyes light up like fireflies, it’s amazing to see

If you don’t feel comfortable with poetry just keep it simple,

I like how you eyes light up when you smile

Finally, guys don’t tell her she’s beautiful right off the bat, she’s probably heard it all before, so start with something a little different, believe me she’ll notice. 🙂


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