Rain echoes the pitter-patter of pain
A flood of tears
A monsoon of hurts
Tossing away chances and cares

Heat sustains a thirsty dust bowl
Shallow groves and canyons
The deep blue sky
Withered leaves swirling in the breeze
Dry brown bark
Flaking from tired old trees

Stinking mongoose corpses
Line the streets
Forgotten hopes
Forgotten dreams

Yellow running puss
Erupts from aching boils
Dripping onto clean garments
Corrupting young minds
With useless garbage

Blundering idiots
Dangerous fools
Flies swarming around colorful vomit
Infected flesh
Black and blue
Cultivating immoral views

Swallowing poison
Oh so confused
Mindless chatter
This is the news
The world we live in
Constant abuse.

Written: 2003


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