This blog is rated R

Dont careYes, my blog is now rated R for coarse language and sexual situations. I have been known to swear like a sailor and I have never been shy to talk about sex but for some reason, I have been pretending to be this cookie cuter girl in my blog.

I’m tired of hiding who I truly am and I’m sick of conforming to expectations. I think that’s what has been keeping me from really writing, from really expressing myself in this blog. I wasn’t being myself.

So fuck it – it’s time.

I’m an agnostic feminist now fully liberated and often described weird girl (I call myself unusual – sounds better :). I wear a nose ring, tattooed, love black and dark make-up, no not a goth but love the music and I’m Jamaican, so not a lot of people think and behave like me where I’m from.

Still here I am spewing the “Mad ramblings of an unusual girl”


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