Life Update

It’s been over 2 years since I wrote the nonsense that is in my “about me” section on this blog and to say that I have changed is a massive understatement. I now do that annoying thing of refusing to divulge my age when asked. Of course, it’s because I’m concerned about what people will think of me when I tell them that I will be 32 this month. I am afraid – afraid that they will judge me based on my lack of material possessions and achievements. Afraid of what someone else will think of me even though I don’t value those things, I am still afraid and I am ashamed of myself.

I’m going to be 32 this month and according to the world, I’m not worth much. No children, no romantic relationship, no high-powered job – no mark on society. I’m just here taking up space. All those things by themselves are actually things that I’m quite proud of. I made the conscious decision to not have children, I’m very picky with men and I quit my job because I was unhappy and currently work for myself. I am content with those decisions for the most part, yet I struggle because of people’s expectations.

I have always been a very unusual girl, or as my best friend puts it – You are not a normal girl at all. I love that about me and it’s time that I stop being afraid of that.

So here’s a big fuck you to the people who will judge me because of what they think my life should look like. There’s only one Elo and she is awesome.

Awesome Elo is back baby 🙂


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