5 Annoying Things Men Need To Stop Doing

So very very true



1.  Try to court a lady who’s in a relationship

You need to respect her relationship. Not every woman is comfortable with you sending messages like “We should do lunch” … especially if you work with her. If you were a stranger, she could just easily block you but due to circumstances… she’s forced to think of ways to subtly dismiss your intentions.

Just in case you didn’t know… when you send your inappropriate messages… there’s a 99.9% chance that she shows her boyfriend. If your reaction to this information is “SO”… then sooner or later… you’ll mess with a guy like Luis Suarez.

2.  Saying “Pssst”

Please give her a chance to walk through the mall without being disturbed with remarks like “Pssst” “Babes” “empress”. Surely, your mother raised you better than that… or your grandmother.

Perhaps one day, policy makers may address this issue. It’s is…

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