Sorry, I Don’t Want To Be Your Girlfriend

This post was developed from reading this and although I enjoyed reading the article, I was bothered by its contents. Take a minute to read it, he’s a fabulous blogger and author.
dontwannaHere’s the problem – this implication that women are sensitive creatures in need of protection and who are obviously waiting around for some guy to be our boyfriend; even if we are sleeping with him. It is not a forgone conclusion that a woman has deemed you boyfriend material just because you two are having sex.

You have a very outdated world view if you still believe that every woman is hankering for a husband, kids or even a boyfriend. I find it incredible that men still say things like “I don’t want to hurt you” – really what egos. Speaking for myself, the only way a man can hurt me is by lying or giving me some incurable sexual disease. Don’t get me wrong – men often annoy the crap out of me – by not keeping their promises, not communicating or being all-around disappointments; but all this passes.

So before you whip out the cutesy “Be my girlfriend question” – remember the same way you have been evaluating me, I have also been evaluating you and you sir may just not be up to scratch.


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