Loneliness Made Me Do It

Lovely lonely girlYou see someone and the attraction is instant. For whatever reason, he does it for you. Maybe, he’s really handsome, tall, sexy or debonair. Heck, maybe he’s just average, but you get the picture – *rawrrrrrr *, you so want to take a bite.

Hold up, pump the breaks – Mr. Man is completely unsuitable in one way or another. He may meet some of the desired qualities for boyfriend status, but you know it’s not gonna work out. Hell, you may not even really like him, but he got you hot and bothered enough, so you slept with him. Sounds, like a one night stand right – but it suddenly becomes a thing that you do on a regular basis until it unravels.

At the end of it, it can be tempting to be slightly bitter. To possibly blame Mr Guy for disappointing you, even though you knew from the very start that he was going to do just that. Then comes the very girl-like (human-like?) thing to do – we try to analyze what just happened and why did we do that.

I’ve heard it all too often. The lamentations for what we call our brief lapse — Surely, I’m too old for this, why do I bother, men are pigs. As women, I find that we are far too hard on ourselves in these situations.

Just admit it – the loneliness made me do it.

My concern is – Are women trying to be too self-reliant?

We are not supposed to be lonely. We have all been type-casted into this modern woman role, living our busy fulfilling lives, and there is no way we need a man. As a feminist this is particularly hard for me. Nevertheless guess what, sure we don’t need a man – but having one would be nice.

So you indulged in a temporary balm, a momentary relief from the drudgery of single-dom. It’s tiring waiting for Mr Right and sometimes you slip and settle for Mr Right-Now. Forgive yourself.

It’s OK to want to be reminded of your womanhood, to want to feel the crushing verve of a man’s body pressed up against your own. Even an insipid imitation is better than the soul stifling loneliness of everyday life.

When it’s over, be glad it took place. Unless the sex was bad then that’s just a crying shame. So he wasn’t Mr Right, but hopefully you had some fun – until next time 🙂

My advice – when you are tired of being celibate, have a hook-up/fling/thing, whatever you call it – I personally like brief passionate affair 🙂 Get your groove on, I mean if Stella could do it, why not.

What say you?


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