Valentine’s Day Post-Mortem

1888517_10151877582871680_2004644139_nBeen meaning to write since last Saturday, anyway here we go. So, I ended up going out, like I originally wanted. I wanted to go to dinner and I’m a grown woman, so I grabbed a girlfriend and we went to dinner. It actually turned out to be a great night, just 2 women who decided to treat themselves. We talked, laughed, drank wine, ate good food and there was no pressure to have sex at the end of the night 🙂

I jokingly commented that I much preferred to work to pay for my dinner, before I ate rather than after. This was in reference to the many couples that we saw that included what we call a ‘suga-daddy’ (older rich man and his younger girlfriend). The poor young things were almost guaranteed to be spending the rest of the night with their ankles around their ears.

Lesson I have learnt about Valentine’s Day this year

Do not under any circumstances; suggest that you and a guy that you are only ‘flirting’ with go out on Valentine’s Day.

Who knew that shit was so serious, I mean I’ve always been a V day hater. So I thought it’s a Friday night this year – wanna go out? Hell, you would think I had said, let’s get married and have babies – lol, that’s how frightened Mr became.

Ahh well, we live and we learn – until next year y’all 🙂



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