Modern Life Is Very Distracting

no-internet“Modern life is very distracting” this is something usually said by old people right? Well I’m saying it now because no more obvious is this sentiment than in those moments that we are without the conveniences of modern technology. That’s right I have no internet connection as I am writing this and when I say I have no internet, I mean no WiFi – my phone is still hooked up (data service is connected), after all what is this? The dark ages? I mean having no connection to the internet is horrifying (I really don’t want to think about it, it’s like being naked or without a limb).

I thought I had been pretty good at limiting my dependence on modern technology by no longer owning a TV as with WiFi I am able to download or stream my favorite shows anyway and I don’t have to spend large amounts of my time watching commercials that are enticing me to buy crap. By the way this is the second day of no WiFi and I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. Case in point, I’m writing this post to well chronicle/examine/analysis my current feelings of disconnectedness (I hope that’s a word).

Taking my train of thought back to my opening statement about modern life being distracting, I must explain that I’m making an observation on the quality of life that we all lead because of our gizmos and gadgets. Imagine the word of our parents; as despite our marvelous advancements they may just have had a better quality of life. Right now I’m doing something that I love to do – I’m writing and if I had WiFi, quite honestly I would probably be doing something else like watching videos on YouTube.

I guess what I’m trying to say after all this is that I am going to limit my distractions. Achieving that will mean that even when I have WiFi, I will be occasionally switching it off to crave out more time for the other things that I love but can never seem to find time to do.


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