Love like you have never been hurt

I saw the title of my post in someone’s status message this morning on Facebook and it has stuck with me all day. What a profound sentiment but how the hell does one do that?

Another cliché comes immediately to mind when i think of this predilection – “the first cut is the deepest”. After that first brutal heartbreak only very few of us manage to leave our hearts open. That kind of pain frequently emotionally cripples us for life. (The video for that Gnarls Barkley song is playing in my head)

Studies suggest that some people just happen to be more resilient than others. Whether because they had better childhoods and or generally have higher self-esteem. Whatever the reason, the true question is how can the rest of us “let go and let love back into our hearts” – sorry I’m speaking in clichés again, it seemed appropriate 🙂 After-all what is a cliché but an overused truism.

By the way I don’t have the answer. This is the part where I’m actually gonna have to do some research – yes I’m as clueless as you. Furthermore, I saw a meme this morning that said “your friends are not relationship experts”. So I’m going to look for these elusive experts – maybe they can shed some light.

Yup, clichés and social media were talking to me this morning – lol. Stay tuned for part 2. By the way here’s the video I was referring to.


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