I’ve been missing because I started a company

So I have been missing since March and that’s primarily because I have started a company *insert frightened, nail biting individual here* Yup in April 2013, I officially decided to give frantic-emailing-of-my-resume a somewhat less significant part of my day. Subsequently, Write Right International was born 🙂

Well it’s coming to almost four months of operations now and while things haven’t taken off as much as I had hoped I am still in business. For the moment, I am grateful and I am seeking new clients and new markets.

Being an entrepreneur is truly hard and terrifying work and the balancing act of being a small working from home business is beyond challenging. Taking into account all the distractions of home and the motivation of trying to become a success.

I awake each day with a million things to do on my list and the nagging voice in my head asking, “What are you doing?”

My answer – “I’m working”

Hopefully my work will pay off *fingers crossed* 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’ve been missing because I started a company

  1. With big risks come big rewards. Nothing great ever comes easy. Keep up the good work, surround yourself with like-minded people and strategise. You will succeed. All the best!


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