My Former Boyfriends Got Married

Recently, I have noticed that my ex-boyfriends seem to be settling down. Now this is not the first time a former boyfriend has committed to someone else but in the past 3 months, 2 of them just up and got married. One is even having a child. WTF how did this happen and why do I feel – troubled, annoyed, maybe irritated, not quite pissed off but certainly not happy by the news. By the way thanks Facebook *glare*

Seriously, it’s taking me a while to figure out my feelings about these events but I guess at the end of the day – I just don’t want my exes to be happy. There I said it. I’m petty and a little jealous – well not jealous of their new partners (God hell those women), I mean I don’t want my exes back or anything (ugh, banish the thought). But I am jealous of their happiness, no matter how temporary it might be. That last remark wasn’t petty, I know these men; “chronic dissatisfaction suffers” I like to call them.

So why did I unfriend them both? Maybe because I don’t want to be reminded that those losers have found some kind of happiness when I haven’t. Heck – I don’t even want to be married – right?

Seriously the institution is frightening and I don’t think I’m the kind of person who would thrive in a stable home life situation – I really wouldn’t know how to function and the pressures of domestication might make me snap. Being responsible for myself is hard enough.

Yet I have seen the wedding pictures of these idiots (thanks mutual friends on Facebook) and dare I say it, they seem happy – so annoying. Crap, maybe I should rethink my whole stance on marriage huh. Well, maybe not so fast – what are those statistics on divorce again – lol.

For those of you who think you have just read the jealous rantings of an ex-girlfriend – yes you are absolutely right. Alas, I’m gonna give myself a break on this. After-all, we are suppose to hate our exes and wish them everlasting misery for no longer being with us – right?


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