My Time Management Breakthrough

If you asked me about my time management skills I would readily answer that while I may have a few areas for improvement I have an OK system. Sure some things fall through the cracks but that happens when you are very busy and have a lot on your plate, right?
The Bill Book

How wrong I was. After reading Francis Wade’s book – Bill’s Im-perfect Time Management Adventure I must say that a whole new world has opened to me. The author, Francis Wade created the everyday man through which to relate his tale and I do mean everyday man – heck I was a little uncomfortable with how much Bill and I have in common. In fact, I use the same excuses he does when confronted by his boss’s complaints about his productivity.

“I am not perfect – especially when doing almost three person’s work – I am bound to miss a few things”

As you can tell I more than identify with the protagonist’s plight.

Then there is the whole smartphone argument, Francis Wade highlights some hard truths that will hit hard for crackberry addicts like myself. So often we think that by getting the latest technology it will automatically lead to us being more productivity.

Overall, Francis Wade wrote a deceptively simple easy-to-read business fable that explores the topic of Time Management in an innovative way that we can all learn from. My only issue is that I was often conflicted between stopping to take notes or continuing the book. Not to worry, the author included several resources at the end of the book so that I could continue my own time management journey. My favorite resource is the Mytimedesign self-assessment that identified my skill level in the fundamental and advance skill types that were mentioned in the book.

Summarily, I wholeheartedly recommend Francis Wade’s Bill’s Im-perfect Time Management Adventure


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