Sex And Hurricanes

Living on an island in the Caribbean we are quite accustomed to hurricanes and we build most of our houses to withstand hurricane winds and rain. In fact, supermarkets, grocery stores and hardware stores are quite delighted by the prospect of a hurricane because of the flurry of activity that takes place to prepare for the coming storm. Persons run to these places to secure tin food items, bread, drinking water for at least a week and battening down supplies to board up windows etc. It is not unusual to find empty shelves in theses stores hours before the storm hits.

Now with all safe and warm inside, with no place to go – what to do, what to do? 🙂

There is a saying in Jamaica (actually a reggae song too).

The wickest time
A wen di rain start fall
Di girls dem start fi bawl
Who nah send telegram
Dem a mek phone call

widsexThis is basically translated to mean that whenever it rains, persons have a tendency to become amorous and the advent of a hurricane only increases this tendency exponentially.

As a child hurricanes excited me even then – though in a non-sexual manner. All I wanted to do was go running and dancing outside like a naked witch on a full moon around a bonfire, I was never scared. Storms are a beautiful, majestic, terrifyingly dangerous act of nature. Is it any wonder that it stirs our blood?

Whatever it is, the howling winds and pounding rains sure gets us going and I’m looking forward to the ‘hurricane babies’ in June/July 🙂


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