Decisions – Take A Risk Or Play It Safe?

Decisions, decisions … we cannot avoid them.

As we go through life, eventually we all make bad ones. Ones we deeply regret but have no hope of correcting. As they say, when you make your bed you have to lay in it. That’s the worst part; living with the consequences of our actions. Consequences, so severe that we become petrified of repeating our mistakes and become shades of our former selves (once burned twice shy). Often to the point that we play it safe or fold at the presence of all challenging prospects.

This is the lament of all those previously burnt – regret is a terrible burden to live with. As a young adult, it was so much easier to fly by the seat of our pants. To be daring and brave – grabbing life by the balls – oh the invincibility of youth.

As we get older, our safety fences are developed and fortified so much so; that when making decisions, we mainly turn-on our handy dandy safety switch.

Over the weekend while discussing the possible assignment  topics for a statistical course for my masters degree program, I realize just how much I had began to ‘play it safe’ myself. I clearly saw an option that I believed would almost guaranteed us (my group and I) an excellent grade (the safe choice). However, my partners argued passionately for a riskier choice that, if done correctly could reap greater benefits, along with an excellent grade.

For the first time, I found myself unwilling to “risk it” – this is unusual for me and is indicative of the state of my life. Suffice it to say that I’ve made some major blunders this year and I’m still facing the consequences.

The truth is that my confidence has taken a beating – I messed up and now I’m scared. I’m avoiding decisions that I deem “too risky” and I don’t like it. This is evidenced in almost all areas of my life – even an intimate relationship is too risky for me right as I’ve lost confidence in my ability to make good decisions.

What do I do?

Luckily, I’m still able to make decisions and I haven’t descended to the realm of Hamlet‘s indecisiveness – or have I? By rethinking my safe alternatives I’m now at a stand still. To take the risk or not to take the risk? – that is my question.


2 thoughts on “Decisions – Take A Risk Or Play It Safe?

    1. But is that really anyway to live? Constant fear is no way to live. They say when the end is near (death bed) what you will regret the most is not doing the things that you wanted to, not living because of fear


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