The Size Of Pleasure

For the last and final time – No, size does not matter. Unless, you have no imagination or you’re not open to learning new techniques etc. In which case you have more than just size issues to worry about.

I have often heard the argument for jumping into bed – being, you know to test out your partner (from a woman’s perspective – to ensure that it’s not too small or unnaturally curved and that he knows what to do with it) and while I would want to know those things too (before I committed for a lifetime) I still say that most of that doesn’t matter.

I believe that sex is too important to leave solely up to a man. If he’s not doing what you want then let him know. This is the hardest part for most women. How do you ask for what you want? I know of very strong, empowered woman who become shy school-girls in the bedroom – and no, not in a sexy role-playing way. They simply won’t speak or ask for what they want.

Here’s my advice, roll him over and say “My turn”. Then, of course touch him the way you want to be touched. Believe me, he will catch on that that’s the way you like it. If not blame him, not the size of his instrument.

In my experience, smaller penises really work harder and can be more satisfying. No joke, these men know that they don’t have the biggest equipment, so they work harder with better techniques and excel in other “none penetrating areas”. On the flip side, sometimes the bigger the penis the more over-confident the man and the more lackluster the sex.

I have found that the best ingredients for great sex are simply; a very good connection with real emotions between two people and a willingness to try new things. Also note that even though size doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things – it will mean that some sexual positions will be more beneficial than others, in the giving and receiving of pleasure. I won’t disclose them here – that’s for another post 🙂

In the end – it’s not the size that matters but what you do with it – cliché yes, and absolutely true.


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