Now is the winter of my discontent

Lovers of William Shakespeare have no doubt completed the title of this post, but for those less informed let me clarify. Those words were spoken by Richard III in the play of the same name and actually reads; Now is the winter of our discontent“.

I am at cross roads in my life – a place I have been too many times before. I had a rock solid 5 year plan. I knew what I wanted, I was on track and it was a good plan I believed. Alas, as it goes with best laid plans, it somehow went awry. Now I’m back at ground zero. It’s as if the more things change the more they remain the same. Daily, my frustrations threaten to drown me in melancholy.

It’s not easy, but I try to overcome. Unfortunately, I am not as lucky as Richard III (or rather fortunately, as we know how his luck ended up); nevertheless, I do not have a “sun of York” to “make glorious summer” of my life. So I take solace by listening to my favorite music, reading my favorite books, talking to my wonderful friends and now writing. I find something to do – keeping busy is the best medicine I have found for a weary spirit; wallowing in self-pity the death sentence. The following quote says it all.


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