I Own My Awesomeness :)

So I pretty much abuse the word awesome on a daily basis, so of course my friends immediately thought of me when they saw this picture and of course sent it to me lol


2 thoughts on “I Own My Awesomeness :)

  1. and you’re sure that friend wasn’t just calling you a pussy? Some of them are opportunity friends, or as some Jamaicans call it frenemy.


    1. hahahah – nope I abuse the word daily and so I’m associated with it – it’s all in good fun. Heck I even named my blog – Awesome Elo.

      In fact, I think everyone should have the attitude of that cat. Far too much stock is placed on the opinions of others. I believe that as long as you are secure in a basic knowledge of who you are then you are pretty much AWESOME 🙂


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