Ten things I have learnt from watching Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

10. Big Asses – Black American women have some big asses, damn I’m a woman and I swear I’m noticing those butts. There must be something in the water in Atlanta. I wish they would bottle it and sell it to those of us of the derriere-challenged persuasion.

9. You should not always listen to your Mother – Case in point “Momma Dee” who encourages her son Lil Scappy to be “a playa all day, everyday”. It also hard to listen to or take advice from someone who misspells the word Bitch as “bicth”. In that order – Sigh SMH.

8. Sing a song to get your woman back – Stevie J sings to Mimi and it seems to get to her every time. The first time he does it at dinner, all is forgiven. So he tries it again when she learns the true extent of his infidelity and even then she sits there and listens. Now I’m a reasonable logical woman but any man who dares to treat me the way he treated her would have ‘my scars’. It would also be over so fast his head would spin.

7. Temper, Temper – Seriously all arguments can be resolved by smashing your fist in someone else’s face or slinging drinks. The list of fights are long and winding as with all reality shows but I must say the one between Joseline and Stevie J at the therapist’s office was by far the most satisfying and truly well deserved. lol

6. When a man is ready to settle down he’s ready – Benzino after knowing Karlie for only a short while is ready to pop the question because well, he’s ready. Of course we know how that turned out in the finale but he bought the ring and everything, that’s saying something. Not to mention the proposal that went down at the reunion. Unfortunately, as is often the case settling down for these men, wouldn’t always mean being faithful.

5. The angry black woman stereotype in America is alive and well – Now I get it. It’s the black man that makes them so angry. The lying, cheating not to mention beating. Hell I was angry just watching it and I’m talking about yelling-at-the-TV-screen-angry. The cycle of violence that continues to be perpetrated, is evidentially in the very air they breathe.

4. Women are jackasses – allowing themselves to be repeatedly played by these men. Mimi constantly says that she believes what Stevie tells her but come on. She knew about the women he cheated with for years. Did she really think he was going to change when she has been allowing it for so long? She has set no standards for him to follow, I felt sorry for her first but by the second episode I was over it.

3. Its the mother’s fault – the therapist touched on it, but still I didn’t it was understated. The relationship between these people and their mothers is often the very foundation of how they treat their significant others. For instance, Stevie J was abandoned by his mother (he never knew her and he says he has interest in finding her), Mini also feels that her mother abandoned her and from the peek at Joseline’s family – yea we begin to see a pattern. Now I’m not trying to beat up on mothers, but the evidence is there and it’s too overwhelming to be ignored. When mothers don’t provide that stable foundation, they sometimes cripple the adult relationships that their children will grow up to have. Go look it up and do your research, but these people are clearly products of some dysfunctional families. Being a mother is a hell of a job and I take my hats off to you all.

2. Men lie and lie and lie some more – I always knew men lied, I mean come I’m a woman and we always have to be careful to weed out the liars, but dammmnnn seeing those men in action made me feel sick to my stomach.

1. I dislike Stevie J – his “I am God” t-shirt confirmed my very first perception of him. This fool is an idiot. The worst part is that I actually do think he has feelings – evidence – when Mimi said that he “hurt her to the core” – there were tears in his eyes. I really think he needs serious psychological help, he has some very twisted views of reality that are only going end up making him a bitter old man.


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