I Hate Christmas

I hate this commercialized drivel of a holiday that we call Christmas.

OK maybe HATE is too strong a word but I certainly dislike Christmas very much.

How much do I hate thee Christmas, let me count the ways:

Let’s see maybe its because I’m not close to my considerably small family (my mother and my brother being the only other two members). Add to that the fact that we are not an affectionate bunch and by calling us “not affectionate” I’m being really kind. I did not grow up with expressions of affection or even the occasional hug or kiss. My mother is a single parent and my father is a “sperm donor” – well you get the picture.

Then there’s the fact that there wasn’t enough money for many of the things we needed much less Christmas presents so I learned to ignore the holiday. Subsequently, now being older and being able to afford to notice Christmas (a little bit – with careful budgeting mind you) but the holiday still makes me unbelievably uncomfortable.

When I hear Christmas I think of forced cheer and awkward family meals. Oh and the occasional really bad gift, if a gift is given at all – I’m the one who tries to buy gifts and I always feel like I did a horrible job from the lack of response that I get so sometimes I simply don’t buy anything and just give money.

So yea I’m the girl who cringes at carols and at people spouting “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”. Mostly I just try to beat a hasty exit away from the “over-zealous Christmas Cheer-makers” as I like to call them; those people who just looove Christmas and try unrelentingly to get everyone into the “Holiday Cheer”.

Fine, Fine – I don’t really mind getting the odd gift every now and again during the Christmas holiday – what can I say I’m a girl and the only surprise I like is a gift – but it’s still not enough to make me like the holiday.

A friend of mine suggested that if I got more presents at Christmas then I would totally change my attitude – well maybe he has a point lol


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