I’m single but my heart is taken

I’m a single woman who lives alone. I’m also in no rush to go out and date (even though I hear my biological clock ticking lol) Perhaps it’s because I’m not quite over my ex-boyfriend. It was a relationship that hadn’t quite ended, he simply moved back home to another country and while we tried the long distance thing for a while – we were barely able to stay in touch. So I decided to end it. Mainly in an attempt to avoid the whole cheating thing (me or him cheating)

I had also began an online flirtation that was making me resent my boyfriend for neglecting me. So while it made me very sad I ended things. Before I go any further I must mention that I have a very difficult time forming relationships because of my childhood and my inability to truly trust anyone. Yet I trust him – I trust him and I believe him when he says he loves me.

Consequently, I could not ignore my feelings for my now ex-boyfriend no matter how hard I tried to move on. The heart wants what the heart wants they say.

Just a few days ago – my ex came to visit me after almost 2 yrs apart and we kind of picked up where we left off. However our circumstances have not changed. We still live in 2 different countries, with the very high cost of travel between our countries and our overwhelming busy schedules.

Is there any hope for us? or are we doomed to live through the slow agonizing death of love


2 thoughts on “I’m single but my heart is taken

  1. Love twists us in so many directions, doesn’t it? I think you already know the answer to this, and you’re not the only one who has experienced this kind of situation. I think everyone goes through those times when their heart thinks one thing and their mind thinks another. I think you know, ultimately, that it won’t work, but your heart still wants to give it a try. It really depends on what you want out of life in the end. If you can deal with the fact that he’s in a different country and you guys “hang out” when he’s in town (sort of a friends with benefits type of deal), and leave it at that and you’re comfortable with that, it’s fine. But, if you’re emotionally connected and you’re thinking about even him being the one you’d want to marry in the long run, you really need to sit down and think about this.
    As one single female blogger to another, I hope this helps! 🙂


    1. I know, I know you are so right and I am thinking about him in the long term – I could marry this guy but – well you know how it all is – wish I could make a decision one way other the other and be done with it – love sucks


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